Thursday, April 14, 2011

Universal Studios Islands of Adventure. More.

image Woody Woodpecker welcomed us into the park.  Sadly, my boys didn’t really know who he was.  Don’t get me wrong; they know their cartoon characters.  Tanner loves to watch Tom and Jerry and Popeye and Huckleberry Hound and the Pink Panther…  They just weren’t familiar with Woody Woodpecker.

image We were all sunblocked up and ready to go, and this little guy was so happy!  We got a new stroller just in time for this outing, and Travis loves to face forward.  He even got some shut-eye when the time came…  Hooray for a comfy jogging stroller!  :)

We spent a little time in the Lost Continent area of the park, not a lot.  Here are a few random pictures from that area:image This is from the Poseidon Adventure, I think.  I’m not sure, really.image This is a talking fountain.  I think there’s a camera in the opened  mouth… Very cool.  It actually reminded me of some of the gags that Jay Leno has done on his show, except this wasn’t really a gag…  Cool.

Somehow, I didn’t get many pictures of the superhero section.  Maybe because Doug and I split up.  He took Timmy to ride a ride that Tanner wasn’t tall enough for.  So, I was wandering around with the Tanner and Travis…  Timmy decided he didn’t want to ride that ride.  He was a little scared.  I don’t blame him.  I can’t remember the name of the ride, but it’s one of those that takes you straight up and then drops you straight down…  Doug and the big boys rode a different ride instead.image Anyway, we were going to go back to this section to see a Spiderman show or something (this part is all blurry now in my memory… It was right after lunch, and I was tired…) But, we never made it back over there. 

Speaking of lunch, we saw a few special people on our way to CityWalk.  As we walked through a souvenir shop, we saw this guy looking at the postcards:image Sorry about the blurry picture… I realized at lunch that my ISO was super high, so lots of my pictures weren’t very good.  It’s a good thing I took a lot and I know a little (a very little) about photoshop.  Oh, and I really could use a lens that will autofocus, if you’re feeling generous. (hint, hint) Anyway, Tanner had to really concentrate on his web-throwers.  That’s what he calls them…  He was puzzled that web-throwers are actually sign language for “I love you.”


Tanner was beyond excited to meet Curious George and the Man in the Yellow Hat. They were at CityWalk near the food service areas.  It doesn’t really show on his face as excitement, but he has loved Curious George for years, and that’s saying a lot when you’re only five years old.

image   I loved the comic strip section of the park.  There’s nothing like walking through the Sunday comics.  I wish I would have taken more pictures there…  Here are a few:image Inside the gift shop…image

Oh, I wish I had gotten more pictures!  The kids had lots of fun playing on Popeye’s boat, and I just loved Beetle Bailey’s tent and Cathy’s ice cream stand… and… and… and… Why didn’t I take more pictures here?  It was stinking hot, and crowded.  We were trying to find something the kids could do to cool off (water ride or splash pad or something).  We found ourselves in the Jurassic Park area before we found a water ride that the kids could go on that didn’t have a two hour long line…